Q: What types of animals does FAH see?

A: We see 

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Avian's

  • Reptiles

  • Primates

  • Small mammals/ Pocket pets

  • Amphibians

  • Pigs/ Goats

If you are still unsure, please feel free to call and ask

Q: What is the Deposit Policy?

A: You will be asked to leave a deposit to help our business avoid last minute cancellations and no call no shows. All clients are required to put down the exam fees for any surgery/ appointment with a doctor. These fees vary depending on the type of appointment and are refundable if a 24-hour notice is given.

Your deposit will be considered forfeit if the appointment is canceled within the 24-hour window.

Q: How do drop off appointments work?

A:  Our drop off window is between 7:45-9am. Please plan to spend at least 15 minutes going over paperwork with the technician. Then, when the appointment is complete, we will give you a call or text to come pick up your pet. Your doctor may discuss the case on the phone or when you pick up. You will pay for your services then. Depending on the nature of the appointment, we may require an additional deposit for services. 

Q: I know what’s wrong with my pet, why can’t you just give me the medication?

A: Federal law requires that veterinarians establish a valid client-patient-doctor relationship before treating a pet and/or providing medication. We require that all patients have a current exam within a year before prescribing/refilling any medications. 

Q: Why do I have to test my dog for heartworms if I give a preventative every month?

A: Heartworm preventatives are not 100% effective.  Sometimes a dose gets missed, spit out, vomited or is just not adequately absorbed, resulting in inadequate protection. There are also medication resistant heartworms. This is why we require a yearly heartworm test to continue refilling heartworm medications. 

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: We do not have any payment plans. We accept credit, debit, cash, and check. We also accept Care Credit and Scratchpay, which are 3rd party delayed payment options. . Please keep in mind that we do not save your card to our system unless you specifically request us to.

Q: What is your medication policy?

A: We require 24-48 hours to fill any prescription request, and 72 hours for specialty medication request. We have a $14 filing fee for any medications filled with an outside pharmacy. This is not applicable to medications not carried in the clinic. We will hold all medications for one month, at which time they will be returned to the shelf and another medication request will need to be put in. 

Q: Do you offer grooming services?

A: We do not have an onsite stylist. We offer bathing services, nail trims, anal gland expressing, mat brush out services, and shave downs. Please keep in mind our grooming policy is for cleanliness and health reasons, not for style. 

Q: Do you offer overnight medical care?

A: Though pets that are stable may stay/board overnight, they are unattended. When we close, it is recommended that your pet be transferred to an overnight emergency care clinic if it seems they may be unstable if left unattended overnight. 

Q: Can I get a copy of my pet's medical records?

A: We do require a 48-business hour notice to send over medical records, either to you or your pet's primary practice. Verbal vaccine confirmations can be given over the phone during business hours. 

Q: What do I need to bring for boarding?

A: We ask that you only bring specialty food and any medication they might need for the duration of their stay. Please leave all personal items (bedding, food/water bowls, or toys) at home as they might be lost or damaged. 


Family Animal Hospital Friendswood

1 Oaktree Street

Friendswood, Texas 77546

For general information, questions, appointment requests, contact us at:

Phone: (281) 482-1594
​​Fax: (281) 482-1593
​E-mail: staff@familyahfw.com

We offer both in person and curbside services. If you wish to use curbside please park in a number spot and call us when you arrive.


Monday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Tuesday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Wednesday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Thursday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm

Saturday 8:00am - 12:00pm

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