Exotic Pet Care

Exotic Pet Care

​Exotic animals include reptiles, birds, small mammals (often grouped as pocket pets) and even some livestock such as the potbellied pig, goats, ext.  Common health issues with these animals are most often related to husbandry issues, or a failure in the care, feeding, and housing of the animal.  Before adopting any exotic it is very important to research the time commitment, diet, and cost of owning these beautiful and interesting creatures.  It may surprise you that many of these creatures can become ill from simple needs such as specific water delivery systems (chameleons) or vitamin/mineral supplements.  Once you have adopted this new pet it’s best to bring it in for an exam. Here is a list of some other services that we offer to our exotic patients:

  • Spay/Neuter (with most, call for specifics)
  • Sexing
  • Lab work
  • Radiographs
  • Treatments

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We offer both in person and curbside services. If you wish to use curbside please park in a number spot and call us when you arrive.


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