COVID-19 Updates and Safety Precautions

COVID-19 Updates and Safety Precautions

COVID facts and your Pets:

-Human to dog and cat transmission can occur but so far as of 3/22/2020 seems to be a dead-end host or non-infectious to humans.  Also, dogs and cats though they have been tested positive do not show symptoms of the disease.
-Ferrets have been experimentally infected by injection and show symptoms.  In theory, they could contract it from a sick person and become sick themselves.
-This means keep pets away from sick or exposed persons, especially ferrets.
-The social distancing you are doing now according to CDC and other government and WHO will protect you and your pets.

If we have seen your pet in the last six months to one year we can legally prescribe medications for you to pick up form a designated area in front of our clinic.  This is done only with a client-patient relationship and if the history leads your vet to believe it is safe.  We will try to help keep your pet stable and comfortable during this quarantine.  Transactions will be done over the phone when possible to minimize contact as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I go to the vet?

We are now scheduling well pet visits, but our sick and injured pets do still take first priority. If you aren’t sure please call us to help you assess the situation. The following are signs of illnesses and emergencies:

-Your pet has come in contact with a toxin.
-Your pet has a traumatic injury.
-Your pet is vomiting or diarrhea more than twice in a day.
-You note blood from any orifice or body fluid. 
-You note rapid or difficult breathing.
-Your pet is behaving unusually such as depressed, unable to rise or stumbling. 

What should I expect if I have to go to Family Animal Hospital?

We are currently offering curbside service only. Call for an appointment. When you enter the parking lot call us to let us know you arrived. A nurse will collect all the information about your pet and give you an estimate over the phone. A nurse will come to your vehicle to collect your pet. Do not be alarmed if they are wearing masks or gloves.  The pet will be treated with the agreed-on plan. Instructions for medications and payments will be taken over the phone. Finally, your pet and their medications will be brought to your vehicle. 

What if my pet's vaccines or heartworm medications are due?

Self-quarantine and social distancing will likely keep your pet safe from diseases that your routine pet vaccines protect your pet from. Also keeping your pet from interacting with wildlife during this time will help prevent diseases your pet may contract if falling behind on vaccines. Please keep heartworm and flea protection up to date for your pet.  Call us to pick up these items from our curbside service if you are out of these items.  So if you fall behind on vaccines and can keep your pet home please know that likely you will be safe until the public is released to venture out again.  For pets that must travel arrangements can be made for vaccinations.

I want a new pet or I am considering foster?

If you are considering adding a new pet or foster pet to your home at this time please call for guidance and to help prevent complications if your potential new addition has an unknown medical history. Check out Southern Comforts Animal Rescue of TX Facebook page for the latest that can be fostered… to keep you entertained while we stuck at home and do a little good deed.

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